Podcast 145 Gear vs Mind Set

By on October 20, 2015

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Today: Mind Set vs Gear. Which one do you need more of, and which one should you concentrate on. Gear will get you things to use, your mind will let you use that gear to save your life. The more gear you have the more training and time you need to spend to get your mind right with that gear. Gear is important, but mind set is more so.


Podcast Outline:

Need one more then the other:

  • Your mind is the weapon, train it well
  • One Mind; any weapon

Mind set allows you to use your gear

  • Visualization
  • Time to get to know your gear
  • Determination to Practice
  • Making a choice
    • Doesn’t matter in combat/self defense
    • Make a choice and go
    • Doing anything may get you killed, doing nothing may get you killed
    • Decide and act
    • Includes which gear to use
    • If you are thinking about doing something in a fight, you should have already done it

The more gear the more your mind need to be right

  • More training
  • More practice
  • More dedication
  • More mental discipline
    • I carry one thing because of easy, time, and mental discipline

Mind set allows you to do what needs to be done no matter what the gear

  • Having the winning mindset will get you through
  • Will matters more then almost anything
    • The will to win
    • The will to prepare to win
    • The will to survive

Changing Gear

  • As long as you think you will be better with something else you will spend time and energy trying to get something else instead of working with what you have
  • Stop thinking of other things
  • Make a choice and go
  • Don’t think… Do

What you have is what you have, work with it and become as good as you can with it

  • Including empty hands
  • Not when I get new gear
  • Do it now



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