Podcast 127 Prepping for a Shooting Competition

By on May 7, 2015

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In this podcast we talk all about shooting competitions and what you can do to prepare yourself before going, and a couple reasons why you would want to go to a shooting competition. I went to a run-and-gun carbine match hosted by TexasTactical.net. It’s always a lot of fun, but here are a couple things I do before and during the match to get more out of the time and money I spend at the match.

Sponsor of the Day Sparks Firearms is a great firearms shop in San Antonio specializing in Self Defense and Tactical Guns. Sparks stocks just about everything you can think of in self defense guns and can order you anything you want. The staff is there to help you get the right gun for you. Most of them are combat vets and firearms enthusiast that just want to help you get the right gear to defend yourself.


Podcast Outline:

Decide what you want to accomplish

  • Win
  • Have Fun
  • Network/Meet People
  • Improve a specific skill
  • Test some gear

Gear; Decide and Go

  • I like to use what I carry
  • Don’t take multiples to try, take one and a backup. Make a decision
  • Take good gear first time
  • If you are testing something have a backup
  • Your duty/carry gear should survive the day if not something is wrong
  • Test your gear dry before you go
    • Put it all on
    • Jump up and down
    • Move around tactically
    • Do mag changes
    • Draw a couple times slowly
    • Try to do things without thinking to see if it’s in the right spot


  • Live Fire
    • Live fire anything that hasn’t been tested before
    • Check your zeros
    • Wear the same stuff you would at the match
    • Test the ammo if you haven’t before, you should be using the same as you plan to use at the match
  • Dry
    • Go through the skills that might be needed in the stages
    • Go slow and smooth
    • Use dummy rounds to make sure things are getting loaded correctly


  • Double check the schedule
  • Read or Re-read the rules
  • Make sure your gear conforms to the rules
  • Bring extra ammo
  • Bring backup guns and stuff if possible

At the Match

  • Arrive early
  • Meet people
  • Look over the stages
  • If you don’t understand what’s going on make a friend and ask
  • Ask questions
  • Assume people know what’s going on and know the gun world
  • Figure out what the safety procedures are before handling your firearm
  • Attend the safety brief and new-shooters’ brief for a recap

Shooting the Match

  • Go slow you aren’t going to be the bets person there
  • Don’t worry about winning, worry about being smooth and having fun
  • Don’t forget to network.. AKA have fun meeting others at the match
  • Ask questions most shooters will help

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