Podcast 125 Carry Ammo

By on April 24, 2015

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This episode is all about carry ammo, how to test it, how to take care of it, and when to change it.


Podcast Outline:

My Favorites

  • Federal HST
  • Federal Hydra Shok
  • What the local PD is carrying
  • I have been carrying Speer Gold Dots

How to Test New Ammo

  • Test Function: Fill your carry mags and run through them as fast as you can
  • Test Rounds you will carry
    • Box condition
    • Open the box and look at them, if anything looks weird, wrong, off, discolored, or mal-shaped toss it.
    • From top inspect the bullet, shape size, color, not dents or dings, the hollow point looks the same, the bullet went straight into the case
    • Turn them all over in box, look at the primer, is it seated all the way, does the rim look good
    • Put them on a flat surface bullet up, are they all the same size? Is there anything wrong with the case?
    • Disassemble your gun. Take only the barrel, hold it down and drop each round into the chamber, it should slide all the way to a uniform depth and it should dump out easily if not toss it
    • While putting them into the magazine make sure they look good still
  • Make sure your magazines and gun are clean while you are at it

How to take care of Carry Ammo

  • Watch the first round that goes into the chamber it will go first
  • Relentless chambering and unchambering can negatively effect the round
    • Bullet depth can change
    • Rim of the shell can be a problem
    • Sliding it in and out of the magazine starts to leave marks and can deform after a while
  • Rotate wich round is on top if you unload to practice
  • Unload the mags once every 1 to 3 months to make sure the ammo and mag are clean and looking good.
  • After a harsh day, check your ammo (if you get into a fight, car accident, or go swimming)

How long to keep you ammo

  • If you are inspecting it every couple months it will become obvious when it starts to turn color or shows wear on it
  • Every 6 months to a year depending on your environment
  • Watch brass ammo it changes color, hold it up against a new round to make sure it still looks good
  • One instructor fires the first round out of the chamber every time he goes to the range to keep that ammo fresh
  • The more you look at it the more you will see how it is doing
  • I am at 1 year and 3 months on my current carry ammo and am going to pick up new stuff this week.
  • If you can buy extra ammo for your carry stuff so you don’t run out, do it


  • Use any chemicals on your ammo, oil is how to deactivate primers, take the ammo out of the gun to clean when you clean your gun
  • Don’t throw it around; I catch the top round when it comes out
  • Don’t step on it in the box, in a mag or on the ground it’s bad for it
  • Don’t store it in extreme temps or humidity if possible.

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