Podcast 124 Glock 43 Review

By on April 17, 2015

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The Glock 43 is all the buzz right now. I got to shoot one of the first ones on the market. This podcast are my thoughts on the gun.

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Podcast Outline:

Fired the first one in the shop yesterday.


  • Same as a G26 only slimmer
  • 2 Mags, one flush fit and one with a bigger base plate to get a bigger grip
  • Looks like a Glock Photos Here


  • Small and Thin
  • Feels smaller than a G26 but a log bigger then a G42

Fit and Finish

  • Looks like a Glock
  • Feels like a Glock
  • Nothing Different
  • Textured like a G42

Weight feels the same as a G26 but more then a G42

Handling: It’s like a Glock


  • Trigger is a little heavy
  • Recoil is heavier then expected closer to a 40 G27 then a G26
  • Thumbs forward grip made it hard to control
  • Thumbs wrapped under gave me more control but less accuracy
  • Accuracy was incredible
  • 50 Yard steel 5 for 5
  • My .38 LCR snub only 4 for 5
  • Different mags didn’t seem to make a difference
  • Compared to a G17
  • Compared to a G42


  • Sell a lot
  • Die hard Glock guys will praise for ever
  • Better small guns on the market
  • G42 is my choice

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    July 8, 2016

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    Overall would you suggest the G42 or G43?

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