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Podcast 123 Gun Rights and the Law

By on April 10, 2015

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Today we talk about Gun Rights and the Law. Things change all the time and you need to keep up on the gun laws in your area. You need to actually read the law. It is weird and can contradict itself. We also talk about individual rights and balance.

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Podcast Outline:

There are funny laws everywhere.

  • Texas Gun free zones and signs
  • New law change about not being guilty if you have to use your gun you brought into a gun free zone
  • California and carrying a concealed firearm without a license

Read the Law

  • Find your penal code and read sections that pertain to you
  • Use of Force
  • Carrying a Weapon
  • Illegal Weapons

Pit Falls

  • Federal Property and Post Offices
  • “Special Facilities”
  • Oil Production Facilities in Texas
  • You don’t want the courts sorting that out for you
  • Parking off Site

General Use of Force to Understand

  • Necessary
  • Common Man Doctrine


  • Can’t know all the laws
  • Neither do the cops
  • They can look it up and ask others for help during and after the fact
  • Don’t tell them unless legally required that you have anything that might be a weapon

Laws and Balance

  • Laws need to balance the rights of individuals
  • Right of your property vs my right to bear arms
  • Texas strikes a nice balance but I think public places should be open not be gun free zones
  • Torn right down the middle for stores being able to keep guns out
  • School, Hospitals, Government Buildings, and Parks should NOT be gun free zones. I paid for them and I should be able to carry.
  • Constitutional Carry
  • Mandatory Training
  • Employer vs Employee Rights
  • New TN law and Texas Law on Employer vs. Employee Rights

Why there are no gun signs on private property

  • Law Suits

How to Change it

  • New Laws
  • Law Suits

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Stay Safe,


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  1. RickP
    April 14, 2015

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    In the theme of this podcast, just thought I’d let you know that Andrew Branca, lawyer and author of The Law of Self Defense, is going to be holding seminars in Texas late in the summer. http://lawofselfdefense.com/seminars/ . These seminars focus on state specific laws. I’ve signed up for the one in Garland in August.

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