Podcast 122 Combat Accuracy

By on April 6, 2015

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Today’s podcast is really late… Sorry. The show is talking about combat accuracy. There are a lot of people talking about it, but what does it really mean? And how good do you have to be to survive an armed encounter? How accurate do your shots have to be to stop a bad guy? My thoughts on the subject differ from almost every other instructor out there right now.


Topics Include:

What is Accurate Enough?

  • Making an effective hit
    • Make someone give up
    • Make them bleed out
    • Turn the lights out
  • Depending on what type of attacker you have (Podcast 69 Types of Attackers)
    • Wimps – They see someone that will try to stop them and give up.
    • Bullies – If you put up resistance they will give up.
    • Dedicated – They are going to get what they want or die trying. Check out “How Much Ammo to Carry?”
    • Suicidal – Plan to die in the attack, one way or the other.

How accurate do you need to be?

  • Depends on what type of attacker you have
    • Wimps are easy, misses will work
    • Bullies, any hit will do and misses will probably work
    • Dedicated need lots of hits to bleed out or a lights out shot
    • Suicidal maybe a little easer as soon as it gets hard they will want to die and have that mind set
  • Deliver the needed shot on demand
  • Can you make the shot?
    • From where you are?
    • With the gun you have right now?
    • In the shooting position you are given?

Is accuracy really a good thing?


  • Combat accuracy is a myth
  • You just need to make hits until the bad guy stops
  • Real close; burst to the chest and one to the head
  • Problem/reason for chest shots
  • Blood flow problem vs average split times for an average shooter
  • There may not be any outward signs of hits
  • Except what is, not what you want or think should happen
  • Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

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