Podcast 121 Arrogance Will Get You Killed

By on March 26, 2015

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Today’s Podcast is all about how your biases and arrogance can get you and others killed. You need to pay attention and make sure your arrogance doesn’t get in the way of you getting better, using the best equipment for you, and get you or someone else you know killed if you ever have to defend yourself.

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Topics Include:

Story from last week’s gun show:

  • Mid 20’s daughter wanted to by a self defense gun for her purse
  • Cop Brother said Glock
  • Dad said XDM because that is what he had
  • She loved the Glock but couldn’t run the XDM because her hands didn’t deactivate the grip safety all the time.
  • Dad didn’t want her to buy anything else besides an XDM, period, end of story.

Your Training Schedule

  • Do you have one?
  • Has it changed over the years?
  • Are your skills getting better or worst right now?
  • Do you know?

Are you using the best techniques to defend yourself?

Are you Sure? How?

Do you have the best gun on the market, period?

Ho do you change someone’s mind?

  • Time, energy, and education
  • Ask lots of questions that are why’s
  • What if questions
  • Mix in facts and emotion
  • Takes a long time and may take multiple conversations

Question Yourself

  • Do you have biases about different guns?
  • Do you biases about what technique you use?
  • When’s the last time you learned a new technique?
  • Do you train new techniques with an open mind before tossing it?
  • Do you have things to measure your thoughts against?

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