Taurus Curve Quick Review

By on March 17, 2015

Taurus Curve

The Taurus Curve has hit the market! Sparks Firearms got their first one this last weekend and it was gone by noon the next day. But I did get to hold it and play with it some.

First thing I noticed was the bright orange box that is curved on top. It comes with two magazines, a belt clip already installed and a trigger cover as a minimalist holster.

Taurus from the Front

Holding the gun, I didn’t notice the curved part. Ejecting the magazine, I wanted to know if it was straight or curved…. First problem; find the magazine release. The magazine is released by pinching both sides of the magazine that is exposed in the center bottom of the grip on both sides.

Taurus Curve Magazine Release

The magazine is straight but the sides fit flush with the grip. The sides are not perfectly symmetrical. I’m guessing it fits at an angle to give the gun its curve.

Holding the gun I don’t notice the curve in my hand, only that the gun is small, really small. It feels like an LCP or TCP. The trigger looks funny and kind of space aged but felt good when I pulled it. Really odd to have such a light double-action trigger in such a small gun. It measured as light as 7 pounds, but averaged 7.5 pounds on a Lyman Trigger Pull Gauge.

Taurus Curve Trigger Weight

Holding the gun up, I quickly noticed there were no sights. Taurus put a cross on the back of the pistol with the center cut out for the hole where the hammer rides inside the slide. Just like an LCP, TCP, or Kel-Tec.

Finding the on/off switch for the light/laser took some doing. The switch looks like a takedown lever but after figuring out which button it is, my trigger finger had no problem finding it. My only gripe was that the button was not on both sides, but really with the curved frame I’m not sure you could carry it left handed which puts off at least 1 in 6 people.

Taurus Curve Laser/Light Switch

There’s no slide release on the gun, making it completely smooth on the left side (the side you would have against your body).   Having the laser and light already built on the gun is a big advantage. I like having the light on my gun all the time, but can’t really carry my guns concealed with a light on the rail. This gun kind of fixes the problem.

Taurus Curve Light and Laser

The laser was really bright and on par with what I’d expect from a good laser, the light was a little weak. I’m not sure what I expected but I thought it would be brighter. It’s not a perfect combo on the gun but I think it’s moving the gun world in the right direction.

I really wanted to buy the gun and fire it, but didn’t have the money. Sooner or later I’ll get to fire one and report back about it.

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If you like a small .380 that you carry in a pocket with a clip or want to carry it inside the waist with only a clip holding the gun this might be the gun for you. It has a good trigger, laser and light built in, and comes with a trigger cover and clip as part of the package.

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