Podcast 118 Open Carry and Protecting Yourself

By on March 5, 2015

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Open Carry is a good idea and a bad idea. If you want to do it, there are a couple things you should know think about to protect yourself while you are doing it. Topics included are:

Protect Yourself and Your Gun


  • Pre-Fight Indicators
  • People trying to get close to you without you seeing
  • Watch out for Distraction Techniques

Dealing with People

  • Look Respectable in how you dress
  • Polite when asked questions, even stupid questions
  • No “I told you so”
  • If asked to leave, leave
  • If drawing a crowd, leave
  • If someone is hostile toward you, leave
  • Don’t be afraid to call 911

Dealing with Police

  • I’m not a lawyer or police officer, neither are you
  • Don’t be a Jerk
  • Someone called them, that’s why the cops are there
  • They are afraid of you and your gun
  • If the officer goes to his gun, you are in danger! Keep your head and do what you are told when you understand what he wants you to do
  • Given an order by police follow it, fight it in court later
  • “You may be the rap, you won’t beat the ride”
  • Be respectful
  • Carry Your ID
  • Talk to the cops about what you are doing, what you plan to do, and what you are not going to do (AKA, I’m not here to hurt anyone)
  • Don’t touch the weapon while talking to the cops
  • You don’t have to talk to them, if you think they are trying to get you for a crime
  • To find out if you are in trouble, “I’ve gotta go, I’m running late, Can I leave?”
  • No, then take the but chewing that is coming and don’t say anything or act up

For Handguns: Gear

  • Belts
  • Holsters
  • Mag Pouches

Retention Techniques For Rifles: Gear

Retention Techniques

  • Remember you are attached to the rifle
  • Foot Stomp
  • Pull-Give-Pull
  • Push up and drive down against one-handed grab
  • Figure 8
  • Last: Ditch the rifle with your quick release sling and go to your extra gun

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