Podcast 113 10 Signs Someone is Carrying a Concealed Weapon

By on January 15, 2015

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This is episode is a top 10 signs someone is carrying a concealed weapon. We talk about those tells that you do that will give away you are carrying a weapon. We also talk about the other side. These 10 things will help you see if someone else is carrying a concealed weapon and if they are a good guy or a bad guy, professional or amateur. Hopefully you don’t do many of these things, but in reality we all do them. Being conscious of the fact that you are always touching your guy and that people do notice you doing it, will help you stop doing it. Once you stop touching your gun, you’ll be more professional and be less likely to be spotted.

Here they are:

  1. Touching you Weapon
    • Everyone Does it
    • Trained that Way; to check to make sure you always have it
    • Comfortable Holsters make you think it’s gone
    • Grabbing the gun when it moves around when you move
  2. Sagging Clothing
    • The weight of the gun will pull one side down further then the other
    • Pulling up only one side of the clothing
    • Jackets hanging down on one side when there is a gun in the pocket
  3. Unnatural Walk
    • Arm swings around the gun, not straight and not the same as the other arm
    • Limping to make sure the gun doesn’t fall out
    • Stiffness on one side because they are carrying something that is too big for them to conceal
    • Leaning to one side or the other to make sure the weapon doesn’t fall out
  4. Clothes getting caught up on the weapon
    • Exposing the weapon
    • Held up wrinkled over the top of the weapon
    • Held down by some thing because clothes get caught on the weapon
  5. Bulges
    • We Worry about them too much
    • Phones and electronics are everywhere
    • Location of Bulge
    • Shape and Size
    • Does the person have the phone in hand and still have a bulge
  6. Conking Sound when Sitting
    • Bumping into someone else
    • Sitting on Wood Benches
    • Rubbing Against Walls
  7. Hiding that side from Others
    • Taught to keep gun away from people
    • Still do at church when people hug me
    • Won’t talk to you head on
    • Trying to hid that side from everyone
  8. Using Unnatural Hands for Things
    • Most people are right-handed and will use the dominate hand for everything
    • Gun people taught to use off hand and keep gun hand free
    • Bad guy will have gun hand free incase it falls out so they can grab it
  9. Change of Demeanor around Cops
    • Trying to Disappear
    • Takes lots of work and practice
    • I talk to cops when carrying just to practice my reaction
    • Bad Guys will try to hide from them
    • Someone trying to leave ASAP
  10. Seeing a Weapon Sticking Out
    • This happens to the best of us and the worst of us
    • Cops don’t care
    • Sometimes I don’t care
    • Bad guys always care
    • Believe what you see

BONUS: Pulling up your pants when you get up from sitting someplace.


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