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By on December 16, 2014

CHL Operator is a professional gun carrier. One that is at a higher level then most and takes their protection of themselves and others seriously to the point that they have studied and practiced beyond what would be required for an advanced degree in college. We are either at that level and still getting better or working to be that good. Here are a couple cool things you could ask Santa for this Christmas.

5.11 Tactical Holster Shirt It’s an undershirt designed to carry a small gun. It’s on my list. I think it would be a great thing to wear in times when you can’t wear a normal holster and need gun hidden under another shirt.

Blackhawk 1700 Concealed Carry Shirt 5.11 use to be my go to place for concealed carry clothing. Lately they have discontinued the good stuff and made more and more crap. I want a shirt that doesn’t look like a contract would wear in a combat zone. Blackhawk has a couple of those. This one is designed for hot weather that always seems to be a problem here in Texas. I do think some of their ideas make the shirt ugly. They said it was on purpose to keep people from looking at your waist, but I’d rather have a pocket that doesn’t stand out.

Ruger LCR 9mm is my next pocket gun I want. I have one on hold and will pick it up this week. I love the gun in 38 Special, just don’t love the .38 special. So when they came out with one in 9mm, had to have it. A revolver is great for shooting through clothes and makes a great gun in a jacket pocket for this time of year when you wear a big coat.

Taurus Curve I know it’s brand new, but I need to try one for carry. When I try to do deep concealment a flat gun even on my big body is a problem. The butt always sticks out a little. This might solve this, maybe. I do like the idea of an entrigal light and laser. The laser I could do with or without, but I like a weapon light as an option and this makes sense. The problem with most lights is that is ads a tone of size to a pistol and makes concealed carry almost impossible. So I have to try one of these.

Kimber Solo LG Sparks Firearms got a couple of these in and I’ve been drooling on them since then. The price is a Kimber price, but the trigger is beautiful, the sights are good, and the slide to frame fit feels like a tuned 1911. I’d love to be carrying one of these around in my pocket. Only need $1200 for one.

Springfield XD Mod 2 The XD serious has always been a good concealed carry piece and as far as I know started the entire two sized magazine craze. The Mod 2 feels better and gets rid of a lot of things the XD was hard on. It still uses the same Mags so they are everywhere but gets a better-higher grip and makes the grip feel comfortable and almost inviting. This is another “I need to try” gun.

Berretta 92 Compact Inox I always thought the M9 was just too big. This one is called a compact but is a full-sided gun that just looks cool and balances nicely. The M9 being the military gun makes me want this one. No other real reason, but I probably need one.

Walther CCP I just want of these to see how it works. It’s a new design to make a smaller action with less recoil. The company says it’s a SoftCoil System that works as a gas-delayed blowback. I want one!

Smith & Wesson M&P CORE If having a red dot on a pistol is truly the future of the firearms world I want to be on the cutting edge of the learning curve. I also want to work with it more to see if it’s worth the price. The companies that where outrageously pricing a Glock slide with a red dot on it where not anything close to worth the price. Now Smith has the gun for a reasonable price and red dot prices keep falling. So I need one to see if I can make it work.

Alien Gear Cloak Holster I have one and these are cool. I don’t know if this is the end all be all, but using another material besides leather, plastic, or nylon might be the next step in where holsters go. These are really comfortable but are just copying an older design. I hope this step continues and some really cool stuff comes out.

Clinger Stingray Holster For the price this is a really easy and comfortable holster. Inside the waist and hides really well with an extreme forward cant. The on/off ease of this system make up for everything else. I really like the price and options of taking it on and off without taking the gun out of the holster. If you are like me and need to be able to take the gun on and off discretely this is a great holster and I use it a bunch.

Tactical Pen by Smith and Wesson Looks like they started making these again and I love them. When I thought they got discontinued I bought 3. The pen part sucks, but get a refill from the local office store and you’ll love it. Best pen ever. I always carry one to right with and use as a last ditch weapon that you can take anywhere.

CRKT M16 Folding Knife I’ve been carrying one of these for over a year now and just got another one. I really like these knives for size and use. Two locks keep the thing from closing during use, really tough blade and sharp. Works well as a utility tool and fighting knife. Check out the link above for a full review.

Emerson Super Commander I use to have one and loved this knife. After 10 years of hard use I had to retire it. The lock was starting to get a little loose and the blade was losing it’s shape after being sharpened so many times that the original curve was suffering. I had used the knife so much the original black finish on the entire blade no longer was there. Would love to have another one, but the price is painful.

Moleskine Note Book Best small pocket notebooks ever. Use them for everything. Anytime I’m outside or have to take notes about something I have one of these with me. Check them out, it’s pretty cool.

Evernote Note taking for computers and mobile devices. It’s a way to take notes on anything electronic and have all your notes sync everywhere with everything including on the web.

LG Bluetooth Headset I use them for phone calls and to listen to everything including the Modern Self Protection Podcast. If things go really, really bad I’d like to have a hands free way to communicate family, friends, or law enforcement and these have been working beautifully.

D.A.R.K. Pocket This kit is the minimalist kit for true first aid. Not for a booboo but for a true emergency where someone is going to die without help in the next couple minutes.

LED Lensor Flashlight I’ve been carrying a Lensor Flashlight for the last couple years and this is the new one. They are great size and weight and I like the tail cap switch. It took some time to get use to the switch but now I like it better then everything else. This one doesn’t go on in my pocket and still easy to get on and off.

G2X Pro Surefire Flashlight I love the original G2 and this one has the dual output that I like. You have no idea how nice that is. It really lets me live with my super duper bright flashlight. I have a G2 and it’s one of the few things I haven’t been able to break.

MONEY You need some extra with you! I keep a couple hundred in my man bad that I carry all the time. You can solve a lot of problems with a C Note. And it’s nice to have the money if you find something you just can’t live without.

Credit Card I really don’t like credit cards for normal life and they can get you in trouble. It should be a break glass in case of emergency only use. And you have to use it twice a year and pay it off to keep it active. If you get stuck someplace and need a flight or a car, the credit card will help. Don’t use it for anything else because it’s kind of like playing with a loaded gun. Sooner or later it will catch up with you.

Armed Citizen Legal Defense Insurance is the last thing any of us want, but in today’s society it’s a necessity. I’m a member of this group and they provide help during the aftermath of a self defense shooting. If you defend yourself with a gun you will be going through the justice system one way or another. It would be nice to have a lawyer and some people on your side. This group will help and it’s backed by some of the biggest names in the business.

Texas Law Shield If you live in Texas this is a great legal defense program. Their big thing is that you have a lawyer on the phone all the time. It’s nice to be able to get in touch with your lawyer 24/7. They always have one on a cell phone all the time you can get a hold of. The more cases they do the better they’ll get at it. And since they specialize in Texas law they know the state law well. Each state has its own crazy laws and it’s nice to have someone that knows those oddities.

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