Podcast 102 Never Say Never: Things You Should “Never Do” in a Fight

By on September 18, 2014

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Are there things that you should never do in a fight? Are there times you should do them?  I don’t believe in never when your life is on the line.  Things that we wouldn’t ordinarily do may help us survive.  Or there maybe a time and place where doing something that you shouldn’t will get you back to your family alive and safe.

This podcast we talk about a bunch of those things you should never do and the times that it might be advantageous and even appropriate to do.

Here’s the list of things you should “never do” we discuss:

  • Shoot Through Walls
  • Spray and Pray
  • Warning Shots
  • Shoot to Wound
  • Shoot to Kill
  • Hit Someone in the Head
  • Use Your Knife to Threaten Someone
  • Brandish Your Gun
  • Shoot Someone in the Back
  • Surrender
  • Have Your Gun in Hand When the Police Get There
  • Be Without a Weapon
  • Pick a Fight
  • Go to a Secondary Location
  • Act First
  • Shoot First
  • Leave the scene after a shooting
  • Move/Tamper with Evidence after a Shooting
  • And You Should always stay in well lit areas after dark


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  1. David
    September 20, 2014

    Leave a Reply

    “Shoot to kill”. If the unthinkable happens…and you DO shoot and kill someone…NEVER EVER, under ANY circumstance, say you shot to kill. Only say, “I shot to stop them”. “Some lawyers” will try to get you to admit, even “off record” that you meant to kill. NEVER change that story. Also, and I hate to say this…don’t use “hand loaded” ammo…they can turn that into the idea that you loaded to kill…and I’ve seen that one used in Court.
    “Shoot through walls”…just leave THAT one for the FBI and “other” LE to do…they’re good at that one…especially when they don’t know who is behind the wall…;)

    • Ben Branam
      September 22, 2014

      Leave a Reply

      I never shoot to kill only to stop. It was a thought exercise. I understand the implications of that statement, but we all need a reminder sometimes. Thanks you.

      I totally forgot about the hand loads for self defense. You’re right on that one. I can’t think of time when that’s a good idea unless it’s the end of the world and there will be no court. Not just the lawyer trying to fry you on that one. They won’t be able to use Ballistics to your advantage to prove things like distance, trajectory, or even safety. The court will never except you, the diffident, as an expert and won’t trust any of your loading data and the judge will throw out any ballistic evidence that may help you as tainted.

      I’m not sure LE’s are shooting through walls on purpose… I was talking about a long thought through plan to maybe use.

      Great Comment, thanks.

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