Podcast 93 The Other Guy

By on June 26, 2014


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Many people talk about taking the other guy with them if they have to go.  Why think that way. In the words of Paton, make the other poor bastard die…  Don’t take him with you: Win. Here are some thoughts on how.

What’s Winning Look Like

  • Different at different times
  • With your family
  • By Yourself
  • During a mass killing

Problem #2; You have to Live with Yourself

  • Can you look in the mirror everyday
  • Nightmares
  • The world turns on you
  • Loved ones may see what they want and may not
  • “Just get over it>” Doesn’t work
  • Suicide rate of soldiers coming back from war

Define winning for different situations

  • At Home
  • By Yourself
  • With your family
  • Part of your family (who is more important?)
  • Friends
  • Friends and Family
  • Stuff, where is that line
  • At a school
  • At a busy mall
  • What are you capable of
    • Physically
    •  Mentally
    • Tactical Patience
    • Shooting Abilities
    • What do you have available at that moment
    • Driving and vehicle abilities


  • Defend
  • Reinforce
  • Attack
  • Withdraw
  • Delay

How to Win

  • Speed
  • Shock
  • Violence of Action


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