Podcast 81 Escalation of Force

By on January 16, 2014

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Today we talk about using force both legal and moral issues of using force for self defense. The things you are likely to face if you use force to protect yourself and some trips to help you get through.

Topics Include:

  • That Force Which is Necessary
    • Law Enforcement makes this complicated and takes forever to teach it
    • Who Decides what force is necessary
      • First responding Police Officer
      • District Attorney
      • Grand Jury
      • Judge
      • Jury
  • Looking at court cases as a guide, but no two self defense cases are the same
  • Totality of Circumstances will be looked at
    • Your Background
    • What Happened and how you got there
    • New Coverage (Zimmerman Case)
    • Public Outcry (Rodney King Case)
    • The other person’s background will probably not be allowed
    • You should be judged on the facts as you understood them at the moment of the attack
  • Escalation of Force/Force Continuum
    • Presence
    • Voice Commands
    • Pepper Spray / Taser
    • Hand-to-Hand
    • Intermediate Weapons
    • Lethal Force: Thant force that is known to cause or should be know to cause great bodily injury or death.  Only to be used when all other means have failed or are impractical.
    • Reasonable and Prudent Person / Reasonable Man Doctrine
      • What would a “Normal” person have done knowing what you knew at the time
      • Everyone one else will have weeks to think about that half second you had to decide what to do
  • Articulable Facts (and Feelings)
    • Be able to speak what and why
    • Favorite phrase of all time “Furtive Movement” what is that?
    • Add your feeling
      • If Asked “where you scared” answer “yes more then I’ve ever been in my life” and be able to say why
    • Not just “he tried to kill me” but everything he did to make you believe that
    • Think about taking a law enforcement report writing class at a local college
  • Remember your priorities
    • Survive
    • Be able to look yourself in the mirror
    • Then the legal battle


  • Feb 8, 2014 Pistol Fighting Dynamics Low Light in San Antonio TX
  • March 8, 2014 Pistol Fighting Dynamics 1-Day in Dallas TX
  • April 5-6, 2014 Close Range Gunfighting in San Antonio TX
  • June 7-9, 2014 Beyond Concealed Carry Enhanced in Centerton AR
  • Aug 9, 2014 Beyond Concealed Carry with Author Glen Tate in Seattle WA
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