Podcast 48 Summer Carry

By on June 16, 2013

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Summer is here! And carrying a gun or any other self defense tool (weapon) is getting harder and harder.  In this podcast I talk about what I carry during the summer and why.  I also talk about suggestions and things for you to think about during your summer activities.  I even suggest there may be a time to leave your firearm at home (gasp).  Check it out and tell me what you think.


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  1. Alex in Austin
    June 29, 2013

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    Hi Ben, it’s Alex in Austin. I felt the need to add a comment regarding leaving items in your car in the summer time, specifically OC or pepper spray. Do not leave a can or container of pepper spray in your hot car in the summer without it being stored in some kind of containment (i.e. ziploc bag or multiple ziploc bags, tupperware, etc.). Last spring (outside temp was 87 degrees) I left a can of Cold Steel Inferno in my car in a compartment below the dashboard when I went to work in the morning. When I came out to my car for lunch I got in the car and immediately had trouble breathing, I then saw the top to my can of inferno on the dash where the windshield meets the dashboard. Essentially the cap blew off the can, hit something in the car (likely a seat or head rest) and bounced back onto the dash. At the same time pepper spray exploded throughout the inside of the entire car, and I do mean exploded. There was pepper spray on the seats, ceiling, steering wheel, back seats, all over my child seat and the back window….it was everywhere. Fortunately I was not in the car when this happened and even better I wasn’t driving and even better than that I wasn’t driving with my kid in the car seat. Could you imagine doing 70 mph on the highway and a 3.5 oz. can of pepper spray explodes inside your car. There’s a good chance I may lose control of the car or hit another car as I’m trying to find the shoulder without being able to see…then there’s the problem of taking care of my 2 year old who now is covered in pepper spray. This could have been a disaster.

    Some pepper sprays may be rated for >140 degree temperatures but this one was not….there actually was a disclaimer on the side of the can. That’s what I get for not reading the disclaimer.

    Please provide your listeners with this word of caution. It could save someone a personal disaster or at minimum a serious clean up job.


    • Ben Branam
      June 30, 2013

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      Alex, glad you where hurt. Man what a mess cleaning up the pepper spray. Accidental exposure or cross contamination is why I dislike pepper spray. I guess read the labels on your stuff. I would have though Cold Steel would have had all their containers rated for high temps, I wouldn’t have thought twice about leaving it in my car during the day.

      Good point and well made. I will definitely start talking to people about the possibility so they buy the right stuff to keep your problem from happening to them.

      Yuck, I can’t image cleaning that up and trying to air that out.

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