Operation Gun Rights Wk 11

By on March 19, 2013

This week I saw Smith and Wesson put up the same style thing as Ruger and Hornady.  I used the Smith site this week to send another message to my representatives. 

After using all three sites, my favorite is the Hornady site.  It lets you adjust the letter and write anything you want.  I do enjoy that more then just the form letter that is provided.  The letter isn’t bad and starts with the right thought.  If you are writing letters, start respectfully.  Then tell them what you want them to do.  Once you get a response back, then you can tell them what you really want.

After doing this for weeks on end, the only reps that really made me mad where the ones that wouldn’t tell me what they where going to do.  I’m not sure which is worst, when they lie to me, or when they won’t tell me anything.  Either way I’ve decided that I will continue to write all my reps.  The ones that reply with a real answer are the ones I will consider voting for.  The ones that don’t, I’m going to work for their opponent.  I’ve had enough of politics as usual.  The more I get involved the worst I feel.  So I’ll continue to do what I can to change it.

What are you doing to make things better? I’m asking you to continue contacting your reps and tell them what you want them to do.  Then pay attention.  If they don’t do what you tell them to, vote them out.

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