Operation Gun Rights Wk 9

By on March 4, 2013

I’ve decided to continue Operation Gun Rights even though I was thinking of only 8 weeks.  My reasons are two fold.  First, I can’t believe some of my elected !#%)^ aren’t listening to me.  What a mess, so I’m just going to keep their staff busy with my emails so they can’t get anything else done.  And don’t worry, I have a list of a couple people that I’ll be voting against in the primaries and then again on Election Day if I can’t get rid of them in the primary.  The second reason I’m continuing is because I think the other side is trying to wear us down.  They think they can pass whatever they want when we aren’t looking.  Pay attention and tell your elected leaders what they should be doing.

This week I used Hornady.com to send a message to everyone.  This program works much like the one at Ruger.com, but it was really easy to customize the letter.  Rumor is that Ruger developed the technology and then gave it away to any other company that wanted it at SHOT Show (from Tom Gresham on Gun Talk Radio).  Either way, I’m going to keep sending messages.  I can’t wait until one of my elected officials is in town.  Him and I are going to have a talk about listening to us.  Hopefully he’ll do an open forum town hall meeting so it will be public.

I implore you to continue talking to your officials.  I’m continuing and even getting involved in other things too.  Including the current budget “crisis” that is growing in the media with each side blaming the other (dorks).  Keep telling them what to do.  If they don’t listen, get rid of them next election.  This is our country and it’s time we the good people get involved.

Stay Safe,


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