Podcast 22 Verbal Self Defense

By on January 29, 2013

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Using your voice Practice

  • Big boy voice
  • Women/Mothers have an advantage

What to say

  • Have a plan a practice out loud
  • My Tape Loops
    • No, Go Away!
    • Help, call the police, I’m being robbed/attacked
    • Stop, Get back
    • 911 Call
      • Help, he/she is trying to kill me! Help! Send the police! Help.  I’m at … Help he/she is trying to kill me!
    • Police Arrive
      • Thank God you are here! I’m the one that needs help (or called).
      • That man tried to murder me!
      • Help me!
      • I think I need medical attention
      • I think the evidence is over there
      • I think those people say what happened
      • I’ll be happy to answer all of your questions when my lawyer gets here. (repeat the last two if questions continue)

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