Podcast 17 Prepping for a Class

By on December 24, 2012

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What’s Going On

Questions I always get

  • What Should I bring?
    • Check the Gear List
    • Should I practice before?
      • Only if you have to pass a qualification to start
      • Do I need to do anything special before?

Gear you want to learn with towards your goals

  • I’m going to an entry level class
  • Want to get better at my concealed carry draw
  • Want to be a better teacher

Be Prepared

  • To be outside all day with little to no breaks
  • To be on your feet all day
  • To be exhausted at the end of the day

Extra Things I do

  • Just got a new gun, make sure it works with ammo before class
  • Pre-hydrate
  • Rest the day before
  • Set up “Do not disturb” emails and phone messages
  • Get Sleep

Extra Gear to Have

  • Double up on everything if you can
    • Gun
    • Belt
    • Holster/Sling
    • Magazines
    • Mag Pouches
    • Gear List
    • Extra Clothing
      • Everything
      • Including Boots/Shoes
      • Jacket

Nice to Have/Stuff I Bring

  • Extra Ammo
  • Double the amount of water you think you need
  • Healthy/Big Lunch
  • Folding Chair to sit on
  • Dump pouch/small bag to hold one or 2 boxes of ammo
  • Different sets of glasses and different types of hearing pro
  • Hand Sanitizer

The Biggest thing To Bring

  • Open Mind
  • Good sense of humor
  • Learn the Techniques being taught
  • Ask Questions if you don’t understand

After the Class

  • Take advantage of anything going on
    • Spend Time with other students and the instructors
    • Write down any notes you can remember
    • Practice the stuff when you get a chance, even if just dry
    • Actively work to break any bad habits that where pointed out

Last, but not least, Have Fun!

Stay Safe,


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  1. Chris
    January 16, 2013

    Leave a Reply

    I usually toss in the “baby” wipes instead of hand sanitizer. I want something that will remove the powder/lead residue not just sterilize it.
    Enjoying your pod casts and look forward to the new ones.

    • Ben Branam
      January 17, 2013

      Leave a Reply

      That’s a good add. I normally bring those when I have a new shooter’s class or women’s class. But you are right, it’s something I should add to my bag all the time. Thanks Chris.

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