A Bagger’s Wish List

By on December 12, 2012

I love bags and gear.  In the Marine Corps I was called a “Gear Queer” because I liked all the new stuff.  My wife has always called me a bag whore because I have more bags then she has purses and shoes put together.  I just like the neat, new little things in all of them.  There is some really cool stuff out there and here is some of the stuff I have on my wish list.  What’s on your list?  Add it to the comments or shoot me an email if there is something you just can’t live without that I should know about.

HawkePaks Recon-2 Rifle Bag

This is the closest thing I’ve found to my current go bag.  The two companies that use to make my bag no longer make it.  I haven’t used HawkePak yet, but it looks like something I would really like.  I love the double mag pouches on the outside and the velcro inside.  Double mag pouches hold almost anything.  Right now my go bag has the same thing and one pouch is holding my extra light and batteries, the second has an extra battery and cords for my phone, and then third has business cards and miscellaneous stuff.  The hook-n-loop fasteners (Velcro) inside is nice since everyone makes a different sized pouches, holsters, and holders that you can put anywhere.

Worlds Strongest Hanger

I hang tons of stuff in my closet, including body armor, bags full of stuff, and heavy cotes.  I break hangers all the time.  The only thing about these, besides being expesive, I wonder if I would break the bar by hanging too much weight in one spot.

3 Day Assault BVS Pak by Mystery Ranch

A bunch of companies are coming up with this 3 zipper design and it looks like a really cool way to be able to get to your gear.  I started in the Marine Corps with an ALICE pack that you had to get everything from the top.  It sucked when you had to get something from the bottom, nothing ever stayed put and I could never find anything.  Anything has got to be better then that and this system looks genius along with the wings to help go around body armor it looks like a hit.  The only reason I don’t have one yet, the price.  It’s in line with top of the line gear, I just don’t have a good reason to spend that much money on another pack.

3-in-1 Load-Out Duffel Bag by Maxpedition

This is kind of a transformer bag that just looks cool to try.  I have a couple Maxpedition bags and love them all, this could be a nice add to my collection.  I just love bags with options and I think this might make the perfect range training bag for me as I can put different stuff in each part of the bag and then only take the part of the bag I need if I don’t want everything, but it can stay in one handy all in one package.

Extended Range Operator Pack by Tactical Tailor

Here is another pack I want to try.  Tactical Tailor has always made great stuff, in fact I went to war wearing one of their chest harnesses and using one of their slings on my rifle.  This pack looks like the right shape and size for a full on survival pack or something to go to the woods with for a long time.  I want to get into some adventure races and this could be the pack for me.

CoverKing Truck Seat Covers

My Seats are starting to wear out in my truck and some of these covers would work great since I love extra storage everywhere.

LarkSpur Messenger Bag by Maxpedition

I love messenger bags and have like 10 of them, but I think this one could take the place of my laptop bag and my go bag.  They I would only have to carry one bag and worry about one thing.  The bag has great hidden pockets and cool stuff throughout.  I think I need one of these.



TACO Double Rifle Pouch by High Speed Gear

These pouches are all the rage on the range.  I have used a plethora of different mag pouches over the years and have always liked the ones with elastic on the outside, kind of like a huge rubber band holding it all steady.  This one is designed with rubber bands and looks like it would hold and conform to anything you want to put in it.




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