Podcast 11 Knife Fighting

By on November 11, 2012

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  • Dec 9 Women’s Only Course ww.modernselfprotection.com/women
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Correct Grip

Knife Fighting Basics

  • Holding the knife
    • Reverse Grip Ice pick Grip
    • Overhand/Forward Grip
      • Hammer
      • Saber or Modified Hammer
  • Knife Types
    • Folding
    • Fixed
    • Exotic

Ka Bar TDI

  • How you get the knife
    • Folding Knives
    • Fixed Blades
      • Be able to get it to it as a fighting knife
        • Gerber Across my Chest
        • Side, Back (upside down, sideways or sword), Chest area Upside down or sideways
  • Basic moves
    • Stab
    • Slash
  • Be able to do it on the move
  • Body Armor

Knifes I’ve used


  • Close and nasty
  • Meanest way to fight
  • Good chance you’ll get hurt
  • Always think strike
  • First to strike
  • Strike a lot until he is down
  • Move with him
  • Hold him and don’t allow him to get away
  • Neck is normally best to go for
  • Inside of arms and legs for major arteries
  • Also low/under the belly
  • Use both hands
  • Secret of knife fighting is get in close, fighting against a knife get in closer


  • Knife is deadly force
  • Local Laws
  • KnifeRights.org

Stay Safe,


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  1. J.bradbury
    November 13, 2012

    Leave a Reply

    I am fan of cold steel and KA Bar. I have Pendleton Lite Hunter from cold steel and a machete from Ka Bar.

    Excellent point about the reality of knife fighting.

    enjoy the vacation 🙂

    • Ben Branam
      November 13, 2012

      Leave a Reply

      Thanks J!! I’m already having a blast. I love Cold Steel and Ka Bar knives. I’ve always wanted a machete but never got around to buying one. One your suggest I’m going to get the Ka Bar.


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