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By on November 8, 2012

After hearing about the election results Tuesday night, I wanted some decompression time.  I’ve been testing various shooting things so I headed down to the brand new indoor range here in San Antonio for some fun time.

From Nardis Range

The Nardis Gun Club is so new that their grand opening is two weeks away (Nov 17, 2012).  I had to get in some fun time.  The range is pleasant, and not dark and dingy like others I’ve used.  They have a huge lobby with tables to hang out at, a lounge in the front with couches, WiFi, and a full gun store with tactical clothing in between.  It’s my kind of place.

Glock RMR

I’ve been testing this and went in to test it again because I wanted to.  My groups were the same size as last time, it was still fun to train with (I’ll have a full report later).  I also shot my stock Glock 19 that I’ve been having problems with (Broken Block, My Glock).  Nardis happens to have a gunsmith on site, so I went over and asked him to look at it.  For $45, he cleaned and polished everything inside.  The trigger is so much smoother, it’s like night and day.  His Glock had an amazing trigger on it, set up for competition.  He also had a cool camo pattern he does in house (sorry I couldn’t get a picture).

Firing Range

You can see that the range is nice, well lit, the air filtration system works well, and they have a genius brass catcher (you stand on a metal grate and the brass falls through).   While I was having my Glock worked on (their gun smith dropped everything else and did mine while I waited), I did this.

Rifle Target

The range has a couple class 3 weapons you can rent for a reasonable price.  I rented their MP5.  They have one with a short barrel and it’s full auto.  I bought 2 magazines worth ($25 each).  Considering ammo prices, it wasn’t that bad a deal.

After I got my pistol back, I was able to go back to some more mundane pistol work, but any day on the range is a good day.  What do you do on the range to decompress?

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