Podcast 7 – Self Defense Weapons

By on October 14, 2012

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How To Choose a Self Defense Weapon (Not Just guns)

What’s Going On 

Oct 20 Ladies Course
Nov 2 Meet and Greet with Bob Mayne
Nov 3 Beyond Concealed Carry
Shooter’s Club launching 11/1 ModernSelfProtection.com/members

First You Should have a Flashlight

  • Lumamax L2 Surefire
  • Will Replace with a E2 Defender on Amazon or at SureFire
  • Other Lights I’ve used
    • G2 plastic cheaper light
    • Fenix lights
  • Why I carry a Light
    • Blind people
    • Impact weapon
    • Can carry it anywhere

 Less Lethal Weapons

  • Pepper Spray
    • Lots of different types all from the major companies about the same
    • Different Mist and spray
    • Some add dies to ID who was sprayed
    • Why I don’t like it; Cross Contamination and it makes me mad
  • Impact Weapons
  • Tasers and Stun Guns
    • Taser best thing for law enforcement yet
    • But not for you
    • Stun guns



  • I carry CKRT or Emerson)
  • Learn How to use one
  • You need a lot of practice and knife fighting sucks


  • Good Idea to have a carry one when legal
  • I do
  • What type, the one you have on you
  • Practice with what you carry

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  1. Wilson
    October 17, 2012

    Leave a Reply

    I didn’t know about a sap cap, that’s pretty sneaky! I used to carry a weighted chain that looked just like a long wallet chain back when those were popular. The weights were in my front and back pocket. Nobody ever asked me what it was. You could swing it from the middle and hit with both weights really fast. I like push daggers for self defense too because they are really hard to block or take away. That’s what my girlfriend carried in her purse.

    • Ben Branam
      October 17, 2012

      Leave a Reply

      I forgot about the chains, guys use to carry those all the time. Another old Marine trick use to be pull off your belt and swing the buckle. If you like small knives check out one of these from Ka-Bar. As always, check your local laws so you know what is legal.

      • Wilson
        October 17, 2012

        Leave a Reply

        Never had one like that, I’ll add that to my Amazon wishlist.

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