Best Self Defense Weapon

By on April 30, 2012

My personal favorite self defense weapon is the one that I can use the most, carry everywhere, and doesn’t require a lawyer every time I use it.  My favorite weapon is my flashlight.  Right now I carry a Surefire Lumamax .  It’s super bright and big enough to stick out both sides of my hand when held in my fist.  I’ve used a couple other Surefire flashlights over the years and been happy with all of them.  I’ve also used a Feniox TX10 (which is now theFenix TK11).  I’ve used it as a weapon mounted light and it now lives in my go bag as a backup.  These are great lights and you won’t go wrong buying something from either company.

Now that you know the what, how about the how and why?  I’ve already told you about taking the light anywhere.  I have carried my Surefire onto planes, into federal and state building, and into courthouses.  When I walk through the metal detector I simply drop my light with my keys in the little bin. 

I also use my light all the time for practical uses as well as self defense.  No one knows how much they need a light all the time until you carry one.  I let other people use my light as much as I use it.  For defense I carry my light in my hand anytime something looks funny or feels weird.  During the day I have a striking weapon in my hand and no one will give it a second notice.  At night the light is awesome.  If someone walks towards me that I don’t like, I’ll just shine the light into their face.  It always makes someone look away.  If they have ill intent they will keep coming towards you, if they don’t you’ll get a harsh word and they’ll walk away.  I just found out someone’s intent without having to call the police because I pulled a deadly weapon like a knife or my gun.

That’s why I like a light so much.  The how is harder to explain in text but here is a quick overview for you to start practicing.  At night use the flashlight to blind and disorientate people.  Lots of people suggest using it like a strobe light turning it off and on real fast while holding it on your aggressors face.  It works exceptionally well.  In fact it works too well for me to use.  I get almost as disorientated as the other person, so I don’t use a strobe effect.  Try it, you may like it.  And then you can buy a light that has that feature built in.  The technique I use all the time is to flash the light into someone’s face (for about a second), turn the light off, then move to the side three or four steps.  After moving then I’ll evaluate the person’s intent. 

If the person had no ill intent and leaves, or they did have ill intent but leaves that is the best outcome of all.  Now if the person does have an ill intent and wants to push and attack, use the light again to disorientate them and then (if at all possible) get away.  If you can’t get away, here are some tips on using the light as an impact weapon.

Hold the light in your fist with the bezel (the part that lights up) facing the bottom of your hand and then your thumb should be on the on/off switch.  Use strikes commonly called a hammer fist blow.  Bring your fist up towards your face and then strike down using your entire body, not just your arm.  Strike at the head, face, and collarbones of your attacker.  You should be impacting with the bezel side.  Most lights have steal around the lens and create a great striking surface.  Don’t worry about breaking the light.  Most good lights will take the abuse, but if it does break, it’s a cheap cost compared to what might happen.

Try these techniques by yourself or with a friend, just don’t hurt each other.  It would be best for you to find a local instructor to learn the proper technique (take a friend while your at it).  That way both of you will learn the right techniques and now you have a training partner.

 Stay Safe,


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  1. Steve V
    June 8, 2014

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    Interesting that a flash light like the Surefire Lumamax is your weapon of choice for self defense. I agree a flash light like this has some real good practical uses and can help you if you do get into an altercation. Thanks for posting!

  2. Raymond Torres
    March 28, 2013

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    That is a good weapon to have in your self defense arsenal, but I would still carry my telescopic stun baton for added personal protection.

  3. ExpatBen
    May 6, 2012

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    Left front pocket using the clip on the light.

  4. mwilt
    April 30, 2012

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    How do you carry yours? In a front pocket? Belt holster?

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