Financial Friday

By on March 9, 2012

10 Money Saving Ideas

  • Do it yourself,
  • Find someone to talk money with,
  • Actually eat your leftovers, 
  • Pack a lunch,
  • Wait until things go on sale,
  • Sleep on it before buying,
  • Negotiate,
  • Cut up credit cards,
  • Take out cash, when the cash is gone stop spending money,
  • Start an auto draft to a savings account.

Sleep on it!  This is something your Mom probably taught you, but if you are like me it took about 10 years after I moved out to learn.  Anything you need today you will still need tomorrow, or will you?  That is the question.  We tend to get emotional about things and buy because we get excited.  If you sleep on it, you will find out if you really need something. 

Car salesmen are the worst!  They know if you take time to think about that car you won’t buy it.  So they want you to buy it right now.  It was also happening in reverse on houses.  People would get all excited and go through underwriting and closing.  Then when it was over, they would have buyer’s remorse.  So real estate agents even started talking about it with clients so people wouldn’t come back and try to undo the deal.  If you wait to buy, you won’t have buyer’s remorse.

And if the deal is there today, they can do it tomorrow.  If that company won’t do the same deal, another will.

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