False Security

By on March 8, 2012

Most people create false security zones so they don’t have to deal with reality.  My favorite people that do that are my friends at the local bank.  On and off the bank has an armed guard there even though it’s in the nice area of town.  After talking to them they all agreed that they were safe because of the number of cameras in bank. 

Cameras are useful in fighting crime, just not in stopping them.  They record everything so it helps catch the criminal and then get a conviction in court.  Because of that they have minimal effect on stopping crime as a deterrent.  Every bank has cameras now, but they still get robbed. 

Most cameras aren’t even monitored by a person.  They are there to record what happened.  Even the ones that are monitored may or may not see that you need help.  If the person behind the camera sees what is happening, that person still has to call someone and then that person has to get there. 

The other one that drives me crazy is the people that think they are safe in a crowd.  Crowds bring their own dangers and by shear numbers, the more people around the more likely there are to be dirt bags (technical term used by law enforcement to describe someone that makes a living by committing crimes) in the crowd.  In a crowd it is easy to get away with things and then disappear into the mass of humanity.   Tons of pick pockets and purse snatchings happen in crowds.  And for a while, the most violent Asian street gangs preferred to execute people in crowds.  The criminal would simply walk up to the person using the crowd for cover and shoot the target in the back of the head and then walk away.

You should be more aware of people around you and what the flow of the crowd is when there are lots of people around.  The large crowd attracts terrorist and is prone to panic and riots.  All of which could get you killed.  I normally avoid crowds for these reasons and many more when ever possible. 

Start looking around in your own life.  What things make you feel safe but really aren’t helping you?  Is it that gun that you keep but aren’t really sure how to use?  Is it that one karate class you took a couple years ago that told you this “move will take out anyone?”  We all have something.  Figure out what it is and then do things to make that area of your life safer.

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