Airport Danger

By on January 6, 2012

Where are you in the most danger in an airport?  A question most of us don’t think about.  We just think about airports and terrorism (or the pain of getting through security), but what are terrorist after?

In the last decade terrorism has changed.  Terrorism use to be about getting a new country, getting people released from prison, or destroying a Jewish State, now it’s about killing as many people as possible.

If you look at the airport with that in mind, where are you in the most danger?  At most airports it’s either out at the curb standing in a large group or at the security checkpoint.

Security checkpoints are a major issue at airports around the world.  None of the people standing in line have been screened, and there is a large group of people packed into a small area.  It’s an issue being worked by experts around the world trying for a better answer then our current lines.

What can you do about it?  The same thing you can do anytime you want to take care of your own security, pay attention.  Look at the people around you.  Can you pick out who the soldiers are? How many cops (not in uniform) are standing next to you?  Who is traveling where?  Now that you have picked out the obvious people, who is left?  Look for those people that don’t look like they are traveling anywhere.  They may be in the wrong clothes, not have a bag, look like they are late for a flight, or maybe not have a ticket sticking out of their pocket. 

Of course all these things could be innocent.  Start looking for these things that are out of place.  Notice what all your fellow travelers look like.  How do they dress? What are they carrying? What is their demeanor?


Some of the dead giveaways taught to the military and law enforcement are:


  • Undo nervousness
  • Sweating for no reason
  • Clothing not appropriate for the weather (it’s 110 and he is wearing a large coat)
  •  Getting more and more excited as they stand in line
  • Steering at nothing
  • Unwilling to talk to anyone
  • Closed body language (hands in pockets, head and eyes down, shoulders forward, elbows in) 


None of these by themselves mean anything.  The chances of something happening are pretty small, and that it would happen while you are there is even smaller.  If you think something is wrong, simply leave the area and then tell the closest cop or TSA agent.

The more you study the people around you, the easier it will be for you to pick out people that don’t belong.  An easy way to start is by looking at your dog.  Most dogs are the easiest things to read in the world.  Then look at kids.  They don’t hide any emotions.  Once you get to adults, the looks are the same, the adults just hide it better then the family dog.

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