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By on December 15, 2011

Here are some of the fun things on my wish list.  Like yesterday, these are things that I want for no reason besides they look cool and seem like fun.

Ruger SR9 in stainless steal 

I’ve always liked Rugers.  My first rifle was a Ruger 10-22 and my first pistol was a ruger P-89.  Now that they came out with pistol that is competitive with modern designs, I want one.


Rock River Arms LAR PDS Pistol 

I want one of these to be a trunk gun.  Super short, easy to handle, and light.  A full rifle is hard to hide behind the seat or in a bag, but this should work great.   And it’s just cool.


MG Arms K-Yote in .308

These are said to be the most accurate AR style rifles on the market and I want something for hunting and longer range shooting then an M4.  And the colors are just cool.  I love the tiger stripe style camo.


MG Arms Dragon Slayer revolver in .460 S&W 

I want a hunting handgun and one that matches the above rifle would be cool.  I know the .460 is a step down from the biggest revolver ever, but I like the round.  It shoots straight, hits hard, and the revolver can also shoot .454 Casull, and .45 Colt rounds so I can practice without getting abused by recoil.  I also have a dream to go hunting bear in Alaska, and this would make a nice back up.


Marlin Model 1895 SBL 

This is a throw back of me watching John Wayne movies with my Dad.  It’s a modern version that I can use for hunting and fun.  I might take it on a bear hunt just to be different.  I just want it for the cool factor.


Here are a couple things I want that aren’t currently made, but if we are wishing, I can wish big.

A lever gun in .460 S&W that looks like the Marlin Model 1895 with a John Wayne loop, stainless finish, full length magazine tube and rings to mount a scout style scope.

I would also like Ruger to expand it’s line of .327 Federal Revolvers.  I would like a full size gun with 8 shot moon clips, a small frame gun with six shots that will take moon clips, and a version in their new plastic framed mini revolver in .327 Federal.  The .327 Federal cartridges is a great little round that kicks less then a .38 and still generates more energy.  It should be a great competition and self defense round.  I would love to have the Rugers just because I like the way their revolvers are indestructible (and it’s something different then the S&W everyone else carries).

There are so many other cool guns out there, the more I think about what I want the more comes to mind.  So I’ll just cut the list here.  If anyone wants to donate any of the above guns you can send them to me at PO Box….  Just kidding.

Stay Safe,


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