A Bagger’s Wish List

By on December 14, 2011

Here is a list of stuff that I have wanted over the years, but never broke down and bought because it’s stuff that I really don’t need.

Here is a list of my favorite thing, bags.

 Hazard 4 Recon Evac Plan B Sling Bag

This just looks like a cool bag.  I love sling bags.  Just throw over your shoulder and go.  This looks like a formed bag that would hold stuff with lots of pockets.


Maxpedition Larkspur Bag

Ever since I saw a horrible YouTube video I’ve wanted one of these.  Then the horrible video became part of the company’s web site.  Even with the bad marketing I still want one.

Blackhawk Covert Messenger Bag

This is another bag that I just have to have.  I love messenger bags and want one with a hidden pocket for a gun.  This one is pretty cool and doesn’t look like a gun bag.

Fliegerduffel by Maxpedition

This is just the coolest looking duffle bag ever.  If I had one, I don’t even know if I would use it for anything.  I just want one.

Lok Sak

If you are like me, I use zip lock bags when ever I travel, but they always rip.  So my next trip I want to try one of these.  Maybe TSA won’t break these.

EmFX-47 Cell Phone GPS Blocking Pouch


Just in case I have to bug out and want to take my iPhone.  This bag should block the signal so no one can find me.  Most phones you just take out the battery, but that doesn’t work with an iPhone, the battery is built in.

LifeProof iPhone Case

If this works like the web site says, it makes your iPhone indestructible, and it can get wet.  My Otterbox case isn’t holding up on my iPhone 4.

Add your stuff in the comments below.  I’m always looking for more cool bags to fill my garage.

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